Big band music with tradition

Mjölby Storband is a Swedish big band that started 1966 by Svante Johansson together with some of his friends. Svante Johansson is still active in the band and has supplied this orchestra with many arrangements during the years. Mjölby Storband is a traditional Big Band with a saxophone section, a trumpet and a trombone section, drums, bass, guitar, and sometimes a vocalist. The repertoire, which originally and foremost was influenced by Basie and Herman, has evolved to contain more than 1200 arrangements with different styles of jazz music including modern jazz to traditional swing. A special repertoire for dancing included. Many acknowledged guests among the musicians apnd voclaists that has been featured by Mjölby Storband. Glenn Fransson is today the bandleader and Johan Lundberg is chairman of the board. Please contact them for more information. Mail address is info@mjolbystorband.se

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